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If you are searching for a good program to mix songs and create your own DJ sessions, MixMeister Fusion offers great possibilities and it's not difficult to use.

If you are getting started in the world of DJ mixing, it's the perfect choice. Its interface is very intuitive and you'll have no doubt during the mixing process. Add songs in the upper-left side of the interface to have them at hand, then, add the ones you want to the session by dragging and dropping them in the upper-right box.

You'll see how the songs added to the session are featured in the timeline in the lower part of the interface. You can manage them right there. A graphic representation of each song is featured and you'll be able to change some parameters with some easy controls.

Don't worry about the way they are mixed, MixMeister Fusion will automatically join them and if you feel creative you can modify it and choose effects and timings.

Of course, once you'll have finished your creation you can burn it and even upload and broadcast it on an online radio.

It's easy to use and the results are excellent. You'll obtain professional results without racking your brain. If you are getting into the world of DJ and mixing, MixMeister Fusion is the perfect choice because it goes one step further than the rest of similar programs.

Trial version insert a demo message into completed mixes every few minutes (buying the full version will remove these messages).
CD burning is limited to 10 uses in the trial version.

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